5 Steps to Bringing Your Business Online

Business has changed dramatically in the last several weeks, many entrepreneurs are finding it harder and harder to keep their businesses running with the recent changes to what’s allowed to run and what isn’t.

Because of this, we have developed a guide to help any business consider and follow the key steps to bring their business into the new norm of the online world.

About the Guide

Chris Drake - Co-owner and CEO of DrakeCo, implements and manages the technical solutions of DrakeCo, he is the founder of DrakeCo specializing in web and graphic design, online advertising, systems automation and simplifying technology for all of our clients.

In this guide, we introduce you to some of the essential pieces of getting your business online or improving your online presence. With action items to help you go through the process to better your visibility and overall online presence.

Follow these five steps to evaluate and execute your new online strategy.


Evaluate your current online presence to determine where your business stands.


Take what you learned about your presence and plan out changes to help your business exceed.


Build your fundamental marketing strategies and tools to help stay in touch with your consumers.


Engage your audience and keep them informed of new products or services and promotions.


Look ahead and evaluate what is working, and how you can increase your marketing in the future.

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