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We’re sure you’ve heard of PayPal, and probably have used it online at least once in your lifetime. PayPal has been around for decades and has powered online payments since its first arrival. Their innovative approach to online business has helped millions of websites streamline the checkout process.

We wanted to explore some of the features that PayPal has to offer for the emerging online business; best of all, you can get started, just like Stripe for free with a PayPal Business Account.

Getting Started with PayPal for Business

This is super simple, all you need to do is visit paypal.com and register for a free business account. You will need to provide some information about you, your business and banking information (so you can get paid).

PayPal like Stripe, makes their earning off of each transaction that you process through them, they are comparable to Stripe, however, a little higher is certain circumstances. For local sales, you are looking at the same cost per transaction 2.9% + 0.30, however, international transactions go up to 3.9% + a fixed fee based on the currency being changed. You can see a full listing of currency based fees here.

Like Stripe, PayPal offers many integrations, as well tools right from their website to allow you to setup the best payment option for you and your customers.

Some of PayPal’s Many Features

Here’s a short listing of some of PayPal’s features that can help streamline your business online.

One Time Invoicing

Easily setup one time payments right through PayPal via e-mailed invoices, or setup online payments directly on your website to allow customers to easily buy your products and services.

Payment Buttons / PayPal.Me

Easily setup buttons that link directly to PayPal from your account, or configure your personalized link that allows customers to visit and pay from your direct link, with all of your information, photo and custom branded name.

Reoccurring Invoicing

Easily setup and manage ongoing payments either with automated email invoices to saved payment methods that are billed each interval.

Thousands of Integrations

Just like Stripe, PayPal has partnered with many applications and developers to make it simple to integrate payments into your specific applications. PayPal supports a wide variety of integrations to make payments simple for your customers.

We use PayPal in our business and have been for years. We can trust them with our finances and find them easy to use. If you are looking for an easy way to have online payment processing – check out PayPal today!


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