Outsourcing: Why, how and you aren’t alone!

Outsource, delegate, ask for help — did your anxiety just hit the roof or is that just me?

When I first heard from my business coach that it was time to hire for our business I think I just about had heart palpitations (I also think that I watch too much Grey’s Anatomy).

But in all honestly this was a HUGE roadblock for me in my business and if I am being totally honest with you, I still struggle with this sometimes.

I am the type of person who likes to be in control, I like to know exactly what is happening and I like to have my hands in everything. I know — that is a little much but it’s the truth.

An example of this that I still struggle with is leaving my children. I recently went to Calgary Alberta for 10 days– ALL BY MYSELF. And yes part of me was like “phew — a break, no crying children, no late night wakeups, no “ew I don’t like that” when I give my 4 year old dinner but the other part of me was feeling like OMG….how can I possibly not be with them for 10 days? And unfortunately (and something I continue to work on) is giving up the control of my children and their schedules. Before I left I told my husband (who let me just say is an INCREDIBLE dad and would do anything for his babies) every little detail I could possibly think of. Don’t forget to dress “D” warm on Monday she has a field trip. Make sure you put the baby monitor on your side of the bed and turn it up so that if they need you, you will hear them. Don’t forget to bathe the kids. The list went on and on. My husband looked at me and said “do you not trust that I know how to look after my own kids?” Oh crap — that is not it at all but OF COURSE that is how he would feel.

For me saying all those little things helped me feel like I was still in control, helped my anxiety of leaving my girls calm down but it sure didn’t help him.

For the record – they were absolutely fine and totally enjoyed their time 1:1 with their dad!

Like I said — I am still a work in progress.


But outsourcing in my business has been something that has REALLY helped me grow and evolve.


It was hard, my business is my third child. You want me to trust people with MY business? It is a hard pill to swallow but I want you to think about something for a minute.

Are you great at everything you do? My guess is no. I can tell you FOR SURE I am not great at everything. I am not a great cook, finances are not my thing, and honestly I just don’t enjoy cleaning my house.

These are all things within my life and business that need to be done but they aren’t the best use of my time always.

When I decided to look to outsource to others, I looked at what I was doing for my own business and for clients that really wasn’t serving me or wasn’t the best use of my time.

Those are the things you need to outsource so I am going to have you STOP right here before you read any further and make a list of the things in your business that aren’t serving you or aren’t the best use of your time. I have listed some examples below to get your brain moving (also keep in mind that maybe the things you need to outsource aren’t actually FOR your business but they free up your time so you can work ON your business).


– Social Media Management

– Content Creation

– Graphic Design

– Web design and development

– Scheduling

– Cleaning your house

– Watching your kids (it’s okay to need help with this, daycare/nanny/babysitter, they will help if you want to have focused time to work on your business).

– Marketing

– Business Growth — how do I?

– Finances

Once you have your list of things you want to outsource it’s time to find the right people for the job.

Maybe you look at your list and you’re like heck I need an assistant or a virtual assistant, maybe you are like I need a coach, someone who can help my business grow and be the support I am longing for. Maybe you need a nanny – someone to help look after your kids and bonus if they cook or clean too.


Spend some time reflecting on what you REALLY need and then dive in.


Let me also add a little PSA here too — you’re first hire, might not be the best fit, it might not be all rainbows and butterflies but it is SO important to make that first hire. You will learn so much about yourself, about your business and about what you REALLY need/want from a team member.

When you are ready to hire make sure you know what you are looking for. Be clear about your expectations and find someone who you feel good about working with. (If you realize the person you need is a VA — check out this guest blog I wrote on how to hire the best VA for your business).

Outsources, delegating and trusting others with your business can be HARD but I promise you once you go through the learning curve, you will be able to focus on the things that truly matter to you in your business and let others manage the parts that don’t need you directly in them.

You will feel so much better with less overwhelm and honestly just having someone who cares about your business alongside you is such a big game changer as an entrepreneur.


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