Why Contract and Not Hire?

Virtual Solutions offers the flexibility of a fixed monthly cost for each of our services in varying rate plans. If you compare the cost to hire an employee over contracting a freelance virtual assistant your monthly and yearly expenses exceed the amount your investment is us will.

To hire a part-time employee, you must:

Account for all federal and provincial taxes that apply to each individual

All government health programs and workers compensation

Raises, cost of living allowance and any other company wide benefits that are offered

Let’s say you hire a part time assistant at the national low average wage of $13/hour for 15 hours a week


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We are your partners in online business, not just your contractors. Your businesses success is our celebration, our accomplishment and most importantly our goal.

DrakeCo strives to work with you and your business to maximize its return in investment online, designing the ideal strategies to maximize reach within your market, we strive to work with clients on a long-term basis to continue to advance and simplify their online business.

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