Goals: Setting, Achieving and Celebrating Them!

“A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan.

A plan backed by action becomes reality.”


This quote speaks to me everytime I see it.


I LOVE to dream. Just the other day I sent my husband a list of “Big Dreams for 2019” and let me tell you some of them were BIG. I have big dreams for our life and our business and I have always been a dreamer. But I haven’t always been a goal maker.


Dreams are the starting point. Dare to dream and dream LARGE. Write them down, put them out into the universe and then start working towards how you can achieve that dream.



The way that I like to set goals is to follow this outline:

Write down your dream, that big large one that might seem somewhat un-achievable right now.

From that dream I break it down into goals. These may still seem a bit big but that’s okay we will break that down even further.


Once you have your goals take each goal and break it down.


Take your goal and decide on a date you would like the goal to be done by. Then make a plan with ACTIONABLE items on how to reach that goal. Be smart and specific about this. If you know you have ZERO time to work on your business in the evenings then don’t make your plan to spend 2 hours at night working on your business — it just won’t happen and you are setting yourself up for failure.


Here is an example of how I would take my dream to reality:


Dream: Take the month of July off of work completely



1) Have a team in place to make sure my business is still going through July

2) Have content scheduled and organized

3) Have a plan for August when I am back working



1) Team — start looking now at finances and what I need to achieve financially in order to hire more team members. *this requires making more goals/plans on how to achieve the finances needed — ie. onboarding 4 new clients from Jan to 2019

2) Team — look at what would need to be taken care of during July and make a list of tasks

3) Team — Start looking for the right people to join our team so that when we are ready to hire we know who we want to ask!

4) Content — Brainstorm content ideas

5) Content — Create a calendar of content for the month of July and start working on it now so that it is ready to go for July (you may have to change some of this closer to July depending on what your audience is looking for but it is WAY easier to tweak then to have to scramble to get all the content done.

6) When content is ready for July — work on August plan so that when you are back to work you are not overwhelmed by needing to get all the work done right away.


Here is my advice with goals — be OKAY with them changing and evolving over time. Write out your goals and if they aren’t working for you…change them. That is okay or add more actionable items as they come up.


Have your goals written down somewhere where you see them and can be accountable for working on them.


AND…here is something many people forget…CELEBRATE your wins along the way. If your goal was to make an extra $1000 per month, celebrate when you have made $200 a more a month. Break down your goals into small wins and celebrate…it will keep you motivated and who doesn’t like to throw themselves a little celebration party? Pop some champagne or have a dance party — whatever you decide to do, don’t forget to celebrate!!


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