Two names, and two weeks to change…

So why is a website a vital part of any marketing effort? Why is online marketing so important in today’s world?

I still to this day work with one of my first clients, designing and implementing online strategies for their business, they have and continue to be super successful both online and within their brick and mortar business. But really in the beginning things just weren’t all that great for them, they ran into problems, very large complex problems but still pulled through and are now coming up on their fourth year of business.

Let’s step back four years ago almost to today. It was a bright sunny day in May, warm, birds chirping the whole works. Together we have been marketing the launch of their new shop for about four months, preparing their website, starting up social media, on the front line handing out brochures and flyers locally where their customers are based. Their name was known, it was already set and recognized. All that they needed was opening day.

The day came, they stood in front of the shop that they purchased together, using their own home as security for the mortgage, this is true business, knowing and believing that you truly have something to offer, that you will succeed regardless of what happens. You put your own personal security on the line to make your dream come true. There in front of them it was, all the signage, their new brand and logo, website was hot off the press and at 11am that day, we announced the opening.

For a steady three months after that they were prospering, they were booking well into the coming months, they were seriously considering hiring and training because of the overflow of customers and referrals. But then it came…

One day, I got a call and needed to drop by as soon as possible, so off I went. When I got there the owner had a pile of paperwork in his hand, a competing corporation was trying to take them off the map, because of a loss of business, claiming the name they used and the logo they promoted and made known was actually intellectually owned by them and their world-wide partners. They were asked to remove all trace, turn ownership over or face severe legal complications. Within a matter of moments, their brand, name and everything known to be them was ripped away from them.

We needed to think, we needed to really take everything I myself knew about the web and reform their brand to something new. All in a matter of two weeks’ time. So, I began….

Starting from the front we created their new look, a new logo, a new website, repurposed as much as possible then marketed like we never had before.

Using their website as a central contact point, and vital marketing tool, we drove ads to it, we offered opt-ins and social sharing, we called out to the followers to let them know, to have them share, we spent hours, days, even weeks engaging their audience, utilizing everything we could. The front signage all reworked for their brand.

Today, and even before, we together still push the brand of their business to it’s maximum, we are now at a point where they are on their third website, newly reformed and moving into launching their next campaign, working aside me, we are exploring newer advertising and promotional methods to keep their audience engaged, to keep them coming back, but with one simple reminder. Their website in the beginning is what started them, it is what rebranded them, and it will be the vital tool that truly launches their next marketing effort to its fullest potential.

Their business has excelled so much in the last four years, their client base is continuously growing, and together we are always on the lookout for new ways to increase their online presence. Still with a single goal in mind, take them from the source and direct them to their website, the central point where they can freely share their business, stories and general business information.

Now, not every website is really at it’s peak, it takes work, and a lot of it, to keep it in trend, to really make it the central part of your marketing efforts. Really, most people fall over to social media, where they see the actual statistics, but a true online marketer like myself knows one thing to be sure. Your social presence will come and go, at any time, just as a name, it can be torn from your brand, it can be removed and never seen again. Your website is your property, you control its content, it’s flow and you control when it starts and ends. It is the only real online tool, that you can say, you have complete control and power over. Utilize it right, and it will reward you, but like anything, if you don’t use it, you lose it; it may still be there, but your traffic flow will start to seep away.




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