Being a Mom and Running a Business….kinda the same jam

Have you heard the phrase “it takes a village” in reference to raising children.

It truly does take an army of people to raise children. Being a parent is hard work, having the responsibility of raising children to be kind, responsible members of society is a full time job for sure.


But how many people out there have that as their only job? The only thing in their life that they have to focus on, not many — if any. You may think well what about stay-at-home moms, think again…they have other responsibilities too. They might be a wife and have the responsibility of giving time and energy to their marriage. They are a daughter and have values and obligations around their own parents and on top of that, they are a person. They have responsibilities to take care of themselves, do things that make them happy outside of their children.


I’m going to go out on a limb and say there is NO one out there who is completely 100% responsibility free besides their children.

So it does take a village. Sometimes you need someone to watch your children so you can go out for dinner with your partner and connect on a level deeper than who is going to take Sally to dance class. Sometimes you need to go out with your friends and laugh and share stories so that you feel like you are not alone in this world. Sometimes you need to be alone. Cause all the hands in the air for moms just needing some peace and quiet every once in a while with no snacks to be given, no toys to be played with and no bums to be wiped. Am I right?


Outside of needing time where someone else may need to watch your children, you need doctors, teachers, experts, friends, etc. to help raise your child because you don’t know it all — you could NEVER know it all. There are too many variables when raising children for you to be able to be the expert in it all (however I will say — no one else has that mommy instinct for your kids like you do, you know them best and make sure your village of people are hearing you when you have a concern).


Here is the thing about needing a village — it also applies to running your business.


How long have you been running your business completely alone? Do you have people you can talk to even just to get your ideas out of your brain and into the world?


You NEED people. You need people who not only understand what it is like to run a business (cause you better believe it takes a whole hell of a lot some days) but also who value what your business is and what service or product you provide.


You need support — just like raising a child, you will have questions that come up when running a business and you need your support system there to help answer those questions or at least talk out all the possible options with.


Finding a village for your business is my number one recommendation.

Find women who can support you through this thing called being a “mompreneur” and I know that some people find this word offensive but I don’t because I think that you should be SO proud that you are an entrepreneur and a MOM — they are the two hardest jobs in my opinion and you should wear that name loud and proud — okay I digress but that needed to be said.


Not only should your village have people who can support you and hold you up when you need it most but as your business grows so should your village.


Your business may be at a point where you are feeling overwhelmed, not because you don’t know what you are doing but because you have grown (high five for that!) and your workload has exploded and all the pieces to running a successful business are taking you away from the things and people you love.


Your village — it needs to grow! It’s time to bring on a team, it’s time to outsource and it’s time to delegate and ask that village to help you.


If you are wondering what you should be outsourcing or how to get started with getting things off your plate check out this blog for all my best tips and tricks — cause let me tell you, this piece did not come easily to me.


Raising children, running a business they both require a village. Doing both at the same time? Might require a whole freakin’ city!


All jokes aside — if you are doing this mompreneur thing alone….I with all the love in my heart am telling you to STOP, find a tribe (I know that is easier said than done, but if you aren’t sure where to start — reach out here…I will happily be your friend :)) find support and start leaning on the incredible people in your life so that you don’t burn out and you don’t fall into the loneliness that can sometimes be motherhood and entrepreneurship.



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