Word of Intention

Well, here we are, we made it to 2021. Did you make a new year’s resolution?


Can I be honest for a minute? I always have good intentions with a new year’s resolution. I vow to stick to it, like reeeallllyyy stick to it this time. Not like the year before, this one will be different. But, slowly throughout the beginning of the year, I fall off the wagon and there goes my resolution. Most years, by July, I don’t even remember what my resolution was! Please tell me I’m not alone in this.


Half-way through 2020, when I forgot what my resolution was, I decided on a word: believe. I decided it would be the word that sets my intentions for both my business and my personal life. I tried to keep it simple most of the time, with simple phrases to guide my thoughts. I believe in myself. I believe I am on the right track. I believe I am making a difference. Sometimes even simpler, like, I believe I can finish my to-do list today.


Heck, 2020 made me do a whole lot of believin’.


But, now we enter 2021 and I’m skipping the whole resolution thing and heading straight to a word of intention. For 2021, I’m choosing “worthy”. I spend a lot of my days being hard on myself and questioning my worth (both in business and in life). But here’s what I’m focusing on:

I am worthy of being successful in business and in life.

I am worthy of being happy and feeling joy and declining things that don’t make me feel this way.

I am worthy of being unapologetically me (that’s a tough one to live up to, but I’m gonna try REAL hard).

I am worthy of having great friends, a loving family, and clients who trust me.

I am worthy of sharing the knowledge and expertise I have gained with the people who need it.


So, that’s how I’m tackling 2021. When self-doubt creeps in, I’m going to focus on these statements. I’m going to surround myself with worth until I can shout it from the rooftops: I AM WORTHY.

Here are some of my other favourites (incase you’re still trying to find yours):  brave, thankful, happy, safe, open, release, balance, grounded, peace, unafraid, unstoppable.


Have you ever set a word of intention? What word did you choose?


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