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How we help? It's simple, DrakeCo offers many solutions to help maximize your online presence, we not only work with you, but also become your partner in online business, helping you to strategize for success.

How We Help

Online Business

Whether you are struggling to increase engagement or followers online; or just need some help with website or marketing content; DrakeCo has a solution to fit your business’s needs.

We are all about online business, even the basics of content. Some solutions we can help with are:

Appointment Management

Content Creation and Proof Reading

Social Media Management

And anything in between

Creative Solutions

DrakeCo can assist you in building a brand that stands out from your competition. With leading-edge graphics tools and techniques, we brand your business from start to finish. Whether it’s social media or complex web graphics; DrakeCo can help.

Some creative solutions DrakeCo can help your business with are:

Document production

Graphic Design

Video Editing

And so much more

Technical Solutions

Have an idea for the front facing store of your business online? DrakeCo can help. We have designed the front facing images of so many businesses utilizing the latest technologies. We also simplify the management of our designs by making it easy to manage them yourself.

DrakeCo can help shape the technical side of your business through:

Custom web applications

Custom websites

Online Analytics and Optimization

Online advertising

We Have Helped

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