Hiring a SubContractor

Being an online business we hear it in every client intake call…
“We’d love to hire you, but we’re not sure, you sound awesome but can we really trust what you do?”

It takes a lot to trust someone outside of your business with a piece of your business. You not only need to trust that they will do what you envision, but you need to trust that they will really take what you do as a business to heart and have the same beliefs as you do about your business and it’s success.

At DrakeCo we have an amazing team behind us that keep us running smooth and strong online and internally as a business, but to be honest when we decided we needed to find help outside of us, it was hard. We had these same questions that we strive to prove to our new clients.
We worried that making the wrong choice in people could result in our business failing or even having its reputation damaged because of a wrong decision on our hire.

If you have a team behind you, like us made up of subcontractors you know the feeling, you also know the fear of making that final decision to take them on and hire.

This post is not to deter you from hiring, but help you to find the right questions to ask, to help make the best decision possible when hiring outside of your company.

Here are some top questions to ask when hiring someone to help you and your business:

1. Can you show me some examples of your work?
This question not only shows you what they can do and how they can help but provides an example of a live project that they have completed for another company.

2. Do you work hourly, by a package amount and if package, what happens if I don’t use it all in a month?
Many times you will find someone will offer packages of bundled hours, but it’s important to really understand the terms before saying yes. Some businesses will put a clause that your hours will not carry over if they are not used, some will only carry over for a set amount of time, others may allow you to use them for as long or little time as you need them.
For hourly contractors you need to understand their billing practice, you want to know if there are minimums that apply (ie they may charge 15 minutes for something that only took 2 because that’s the minimum amount of time they bill), if there is any constrictions applying to notice of hourly rate increase, you may come across some contractors that will charge a “rush” or “express” fee for work that needs to be done quicker then other projects.

3. Do you have any references that I could speak with or connect with that you have worked with recently?
Just like a job interview, references are key because they speak to the persons character, work ethic and general business practices. When contacting the reference you should always ask to see the work completed and ask how they feel the project went overall.

4. What is a usual turnaround time for an average project, what is your availability like and on average what would be your usual response time?
This will allow you to better schedule your communications with your new member, knowing their schedule will help you to determine if they can really take on the tasks you have and need to have completed.
Subcontractors are still humans, just like you and me so they also have families, vacations and personal affairs to consider into their schedule, understanding their day to day schedule will make the working relationship that much easier for both you and them.

5. What are the best ways to communicate with you?
Knowing how to get in touch with your new hire and where they prefer communication to happen with allow you to easily communicate with them and make sure that they will find your message as soon as they can and know they need to respond.

6. What systems do you use for sharing information?
Knowing systems that they already use or what they are comfortable with will allow you to use either the same systems you use or possibly discover a new system that you could integrate into your business. Check out our blog on tools we use here!

Hiring your next subcontractor can be a great asset to your company but knowing that they are a good fit for you, and that your company is a good fit for them is key to making the working relationship easy.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the hiring process as well any additional questions you ask or concerns you have with hiring outside of your company, let us know on our Facebook page!

Team DrakeCo


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