DrakeCo All-In-One Protection Backup & Restore

Are you thinking of doing a major change to your website? Or maybe there are a bunch of outstanding updates to your platform, plugins and themes? No matter what the situation, having a solid backup of your website is the only way to ensure that when something changes you have a point to return to.

Meet DrakeCo’s All-In-One Protection: Backup and Restore service.

DrakeCo can provide either a one off backup and restore service, or monthly maintenance and backup of all your website’s files and associated databases.

We’ve seen it countless times, updates can go wrong and this can render your site unusable. Data loss, downtime and high expenses to diagnose and fix the underlying problem can all result from updates going the wrong way.

DrakeCo’a All-In-One Protection: Backup and Restore includes the following solutions:

Full File Level Backup

A complete full backup of all associated files to your website, including media, plugins/add-ins, theme and core files. To ensure that no data is lost during the update process.

Full Site Updates

All pending updates for core files, themes and plugins / add-ins are provided within the package to ensure your site has the latest features and more importantly, the latest security fixes released by the vendors.

Complete Database Backup

All associated databases are achieved prior to commencing with any maintenance. Your websites databases are large and complex, and in essence the heart and brain of your website. They store everything from your written content to controls that style and provide functionality to your site.

Back out Restoration

In the event something goes wrong, a full restore prior to the maintenance is performed, this will bring your website back online within a matter of minutes, opposed to days or even weeks of downtime due to diagnostics and break-a-fix repairs.

FAQ About Backup and Restore

How often are updates released?

Updates are released at random times, depending on the developer this can happen weekly, monthly or every few months. Updates help to secure your themes, plugins and core files that run your website. They also bring forth new features to the existing application.

Why can updates break a website?

Depending on the website, its configuration and initial design, some elements may not be compatible with the latest version of an application. This causes something to malfunction making the website unstable.

How long are backups from this service stored?

Backups remain stored for up to one month for individual one time services. For monthly service of backup, restore and maintenance, this will vary on the plan selected. If you are interested in monthly service and have some questions, feel free to contact us today!

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