DrakeCo All-In-One Protection: Performance Audit

We’ve all been there, we land on a website and we wait, wait, and wait. Then we leave because we just cannot find it in us to take any more of our time to wait for each individual page to load.

Performance factors largely impact the amount of hits your website will get each day, a slow website is something that not only can make your visitors frustrated, but it also contributes to your overall search rankings. A slow website can be caused my many issues including:


Out dated plugins, add-ins or coding techniques


Media usage and sizing


A slow hosting provider

But none the less, you want your website to perform like your business, fast, vibrant and superior.

DrakeCo can help, we have the experience and knowledge to help make your website work the way it’s supposed to, we have diagnosed and corrected many performance issues online to help your website do it’s best to sell your business, it’s products and services.

Our performance audit and fixes can make sure your website delivers the content it’s supposed to.

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