DrakeCo All-In-One Protection: Security Audit

In today’s online world, there is an increased need to make your systems secure. This includes your website. On average over 18,000 websites are compromised each month. This is due to older code and updates not being completed.

Just like your computer, updates are provided on a regular basis to keep your website secure against the bad guys. Forgetting or not knowing how to do this can result in massive downtime for your businesses online presence.

Major search engines also blacklist websites that are compromised and it takes a lot of effort to gain that reputation back.

Don’t get caught as a victom, protect your website today with DrakeCo’s All-In-One Protection: Security Audit!

We have helped secure and advise of potential harmful openings to websites for years. Our mission is not to discover and fix vulnerabilities after they happen, but to prevent the situation from the start. We care about our clients success, and for that, we have brought forth this program.

Have an audit completed on your website today to ensure you are in the best place possible to protect your websites reputation.

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