About Chris

Let me formally, but informally introduce myself. My name is Chris, I hold many titles within DrakeCo, and depending on the situation I may be referred to as, but not limited to:

  • Founder
  • Co-Owner/CEO
  • Web Support
  • Tech Guru
  • Magician…

The list goes on, but a little more about me and my experience.

I am technically speaking the founder of a long list of companies that formed DrakeCo, the full service Online Business Solutions provider, that you are here reading about today. Through my experience of over ten years with entrepreneurial ventures I have dabbled and learned about many working parts of business. In specific, those that directly impact today’s small business owner.

I have worked and learned business, financial, web and technical support, graphics, video production, and so much more. Why did I go through all of this learning, so so many books, courses etc. Well, like any entrepreneur when they start thinking, it’s a question of “what do I really want to do”.

After the long search, I came back to my routes, technology, and more specifically web and graphics. By trade, I am a network administrator, handling large scale infrastructures, networks spanning not just provincial, but countries. By heart, my true passion is creatives, building brands, and making them known further out then they ever imagined.

DrakeCo, as a company, is focused on building brands, helping our clients to succeed at what they love to do. Helping our clients reach their goals at the end of the day, using the latest and greatest the web has to offer. This is a company, that we have built to set ourselves apart from the rest, a company that does not just believe in the power of the invoice, but the power of each and everyone of our clients. The power to share their products, their services to truly change the world in their own ways.

I personally, hold a mission to change the way things “go down” for startups and small businesses. The costs are high, the return is low, it can be discouraging and disheartening for the most part. The first few years of business, can really make you think “am I really gonna do this, or am I really going to jeopardize my life, my family, my freedom?” Not just myself, but my team understands this struggle, we have all been there, we have seen the bitter sweet of business; but we have also seen the enormous return from a success, both in our businesses, and our clients.

So other then the preacher of all things awesome about #teamDrakeCo, who is Chris? Where do I fit into all of this?

Well, I’m mainly the back-end support, the mechanic under the hood making sure all things are running smooth and lining up. I build  presence through use of web technologies, create a platform that is not only visually appealing, but also easy to maintain after I am done. I connect the systems to ensure a smooth automation, and highly target audience reach. I brand, and re-brand. I make super cool things happen on the screen, and most importantly, I work side by side with our clients to take their visions and turn them into a powerful marketing tool.

In my spare time outside of all of this crazy re-invention and techy stuff, you will find me with my wife and our two girls  (Kim – Co-Owner/CEO of DrakeCo, Delainey (almost) 4 – Future CEO/Master Negotiator, Kylee 1 Future CEO / we think either sales rep or collections, depending on how much louder she gets.

It’s my disconnect from business, my creative inspiration that comes from these three; they are also the fuel that empowers my drive to work harder and improve consistently for not just them, but my clients and business as a whole.


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