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I’m Kim, co-owner/CEO of DrakeCo and I wanted to spend some time telling you how I came to be a part of DrakeCo’s journey.

I know, you’re probably thinking – you’re Chris’ wife…isn’t that how you came to be a part of DrakeCo? Yes but I also have a story of why I wanted to be involved and why my heart was pulling me towards DrakeCo aside from it being my husband’s company.

But first, some back story…

I am from Waterloo, Ontario and currently live only about 30 minutes away from my childhood home, in Cambridge Ontario. Before I started working full time for DrakeCo, I was a Registered Early Childhood Educator working in a supervisory role. Chris and I have two beautiful daughters, Delainey and Kylee who keep us busy but also smiling and fill our hearts with so much love.

My story with DrakeCo really began while I was on maternity leave with Kylee. Before then, my role in the company was to listen to my husband talk about it and usually glaze over by all his “tech lingo”. While I was on mat leave though, I saw that my husband was starting to feel overwhelmed. His work load had increased and his clientele was rapidly growing – which was fantastic for DrakeCo but I noticed my husband was stressed. So I asked if I could help him.

Here is the thing though – yes, I could see my husband needed to get somethings off his plate and yes, I wanted to be able to help him but I also did this for myself.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a mom but while I was on mat leave with Kylee, I found myself lost. I felt alone, isolated and like I no longer knew who I was outside of caring for our daughters. I found myself fighting with post-partum. I was sad, angry and felt like I had no purpose anymore. I felt like I couldn’t be a good mom or wife even because I had completely lost who I was as a person and that was starting to be reflected in all areas of my life.

So although at the time when I offered to help my husband relieve some of his stress, I would soon discover that it would also help me find who I was again.

I started helping Chris organize his inbox (holy moly – it was scary), keep track of invoicing, proofreading and other little jobs he needed along the way. I quickly found myself itching for more work. He would come home and I would actually feel frustrated that he didn’t have more for me to do. He finally looked at me and said “if you love this so much – why aren’t you doing this as a job?”

HUH? What? I think I actually said “what are you talking about Willis?” This is when I learned all about Virtual Assisting. He connected me with a client who needed help and the rest is history. No, not really but I fell in love. I found a purpose in my life outside of being a mom (which don’t get me wrong – I love that too) and I found a passion inside me for working with female entrepreneurs who inspire and amaze me on a daily basis.

I made the decision (although scary but very exciting) to not return to my full time job when my maternity leave ended and I went full force into restructuring DrakeCo from only web design and technical assistance to an Online Business Solutions company.

Has it always been easy? – HECK NO! Is it worth it to have more freedom, work from home and be surrounded by amazing women who want to change the world? HECK TO THE YES!

I am so glad I took a leap of faith and followed my passion. I love what I do and I love being a part of #teamDrakeco.

Imagine where your life will be a year from now, if you decide to go for your dreams and follow your passion!


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