3 Reasons Why You Need A Website

Being an online business owner; you have a lot of pressure on you to market your business right, you need to identify, create and build your brand (link to Building the Brand P1). You also need to get your reason for being in business out to the world filled with hundreds of thousands of other online entrepreneurs. It’s tough to do this, and work with your clients to meet their needs and deadlines. But, if there is one thing for sure that every online entrepreneur needs, it’s a website.

We have compiled the top three reasons for having your own website in this post, the ones that really stand out and help you to be successful in online business, and why a website can help you do this. Let’s get started with the top three reasons why YOU need a website.

Strengthen Your Brand

With a website, you can build it to be your way, your look and feel, and graphically show your potential and existing customers what you’re about, what you love and why your business is the right fit for them. Graphics play a key role in brand identity, just as text, fonts and colours do. Having a strong brand will help everyone online pick you out and notice what you are sharing.

Think about some of the major corporations online, Coca Cola, Apple, Microsoft. Over the years they have defined who they are, what they do and what their online presence and company as a whole look like. When you see that simple Apple logo sitting on a graphic you immediately think iPhone, iPad or MacBook, you don’t think about buying apples at the local grocery store that day.

These companies all did the same process online as any other entrepreneur would do, they built their brand, they got a website pulled together and they strengthened their identity.

Your Creativity Sets the Limit of The Terms

Limit of the terms? There’s really a set limit? Well, to be honest there is, and it’s something me, you and everyone else does online when we sign up for an account, we click that I accept the terms and conditions of this website. But, do we actually agree? Did we actually read the long-winded legal terminology within that document above? Well, we would like to think we did, and that we are aware, but the truth is most of us don’t, we are so used to being prompted to accept something online that it has become nature to quickly check the box and move on with our lives.

The problem with this being, you accept their terms, their terms may state they can start to charge for this once free service without notice, they may also have conditions that if it is deemed unacceptable by our human but not so human interpreters, we may remove content without notice. These terms leave you at the mercy of the provider to dictate when and where you can post on their service. We’ve all been there, we put something on our social media account, or attempt to run an ad and they come back saying it is in violation of our terms of service. Yes, that one we “accepted” three plus years ago that has been revised multiple times…

Your website is the place where you can advertise your new product with ease, you can share your real thoughts about something in a blog post and truly express what your business is about. Of course, there is still some form of terms and conditions from your domain and/or hosting provider, but as long as you’re not going to extremes for the most part they won’t be violated.

Insights about What Your Audience Wants

The final reason you need a website is all data driven. With the world so heavily connected online as entrepreneurs we have the ability to learn from simple actions such as clicks and visits. We can see the full path of when a visitor lands on our homepage all the way to when they leave, what they checked out in between, which forms they almost completed and what blogs they are most attracted to.

This information allows us to form our content to what the potential client is looking for, if they love our blogs on dogs, checked out products for their dogs and were about to launch a promotion for cat products, it may not be the right time if the majority of your audience is looking for dog related products. This is all information your website can provide with third party tools such as Google Analytics.

Yes, social media has the ability to provide these insights, but only on what is shown or shared on their network. Your website can show you where people are coming from, what they do within your website and other information that can help shape the way you deliver your content and promotions.

If you’re considering getting started with a website, DrakeCo can help, we have helped many business owners in a variety of ways. We’d love to chat about your next website project or even build a strategy to get your current website up to par and delivering these key benefits and so much more. Book a call with DrakeCo today to learn more.

Have some comments on this post? Leave them below, we’d love to learn your thoughts on this topic. Did these three reasons top your list; if you currently have your own website, or do you need some more clarification on these tips – we want to hear them, leave us your comments and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


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