It’s all about the flow…

High end graphics, aesthetic appeal, something that just truly lurers you in, creates desire and need, something that is so breath taking, that really, you just can’t keep your eyes off it…

No, we are not talking about your deepest desires or the latest and greatest of dating apps, we are talking about something that every single company, including yours is looking to achieve. Desire in your brand, your purpose, and most importantly, your website. Your website, and I personally have stated this multiple time, is your online store. The first stop and impression that anyone will ever see when they find you online.

This is why it’s SO important to keep your viewers in mind when it comes to the visual appeal of your website. But, before you can achieve the desire, the love, the passion in your product for this first new hit, you need to develop structure. The structure of the website really does fit the saying “A picture is worth a  thousand words”. This is because, all websites, require some form of flow in order to really catch a readers attention, to draw them into the important information online.

Let’s look at the ideal flow, that really can be matched to any website on this planet, any business that is in business, or even a not-for-profit.

The Entry and Welcome

The entry point or welcome of your website is the first glance into your business, this is critical in order to keep your visitors staying on the website. Most times (around 80% of the time) this is the first place which readers will “bounce” from your website.

A bounce or bounce rate is a visitor of your website that enters and leaves within the first minute of viewing, they do not navigate your content or continue to funnel their way through your sales cycle online. It is important to keep an eye out for growing bounce rates online, this is because a high bounce rate means, your website is not funneling your visitors to the best of it’s abilities.

Within this part of the flow, or funnel, your website has a chance of keeping your visitor’s attention for the first 3-10 seconds, any more, they are already lost and more then likely won’t return.

The Pass Through

The pass through is an important phase because this shows interest in your content, they have now left the main entry point for another section or page of your website. This means the visitors is starting to build trust in your website, it’s authenticity and thus, leading to a desire of your brand. When someone flows from Point A to Point B, this will signal that the visitor is interested in learning more about you, your business and products. This can happen to a simple sales form, contact form or even blog. This is where the magic happens. Some tips to really keep the visitors coming back for more and really starting to trust you are:

  1. Give them something they are searching for:
    Your visitor is there for a reason, they want to “try you out” really experience what you have to offer, a giveaway or a web document to help improve them in your area of specialization is a great way to really give them a preview into you and your business.
  2. Give them something to come back for
    A blog that is released weekly will do two things for your business, one, it will help them to keep your brand in mind, reading about you, following you on social media, even sign up for your mailing list. Secondly, it will set an authority, you are the expert, your business is real, it knows the field, and is comfortable putting the information out to millions that could criticize it, because you truly and genuinely believe in your product or service.

The Sales

Now what is the real secret of a website, it’s ability to convert a simple lead to a paying customer. Many think of this as an e-commerce website but really, a website can be a tool that truly drives your customers to sales with ease. They may purchase a package online, or even schedule a call. This point in your website, is where the customer is now interested, they have been using your website as an inside source to learn more about you, without ever meeting you. Basically, your companies online resume.

Basing your website off this is a high converting layout, you want to funnel your viewers not to the price, but to the content, where you can really spill the inside view into your company, it’s products and what they do, this is a simple way to really sell your company without having board meetings, long lasting phone calls and everyone feeling the icky sales pitches. Because, the customer, will learn about you, and build trust at a rate that is good for them, you can set yourself apart from others and really, tell them how much you love what you do and why, and in the end, when that final phone call comes, they are already sold to, they just need that extra boost to make them excited.


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