So, You Want to Sell Online?

So many times, we hear this from our clients, we want to expand our business to host online products and services. We want to move to the next level and offer a purchasable subscription or course. But you know, with this request we also get some very common and alike questions. So we wanted to answer them here.

If you’re thinking of moving your business to the next level, here are some common questions you may have, as well as some answers to hopefully clarify online sales, what you need and how to actually do it right.

Do I need a website to sell online, or can it be done some other way?
Although recommended to have your own website and domain name, it really isn’t 100% required. Having a website allows you to display and advertise your business easier, but really in the end sales can be performed through most payment processors without ever linking to your website.

For example, through PayPal you can easily e-mail invoices directly to customers and have them pay, you can also configure regular subscription payments and all they will need to do is just pay once.

Again though, if you feel your business is ready to have its own online store front rather than working on someone else’s, then the answer is yes to a website.

I have a website and want to start selling, what’s my next steps?
You need to first decide what it is you’re selling, is it a product, a service or both. Will there be multiple payments, a single payment and what do they get, a physical product delivered or an instant download / access to specific materials online. This will help you better define the requirements when choosing the platform to sell on, as well the requirements for your website in general.

I have all of the above figured out, I want to know the techy details.
To start you need to choose your payment processor such as Stripe and PayPal; you then need to consider how secure your website is, for example, with Stripe you can only use their payment processing if your website has a valid SSL certificate installed. Once all of that is in order, you will need to define how it is working, whether you will use a system such as WooCommerce or simply utilize PayPal buttons to sell online.

Selling online once you have the basics down is pretty straight forward, that being said, getting to the basics can be tough. Designing an easy to use checkout process is the most effective way to ensure there are no complications during the sale. Choosing a system that is easy to manage, change and add new products and services to is also key. This will allow you to constantly and easily add in your awesome services and products to your online store.

DrakeCo has helped many businesses achieve this whether product or service based, monthly subscriptions and online courses, we have seen it all. Need some assistance figuring out the game plan for your venture into online sales? Or even some guidance to maximize conversions online? Book a call with DrakeCo and let’s chat about your websites online sales.


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