SSL Certificates – What Are They, and Why Are They Needed?

There has been a lot of talk recently about SSL certificates, their uses and needs and we wanted to sum it all up in this quick guide.

So, what is an SSL certificate anyways?
An SSL certificate allows website visitors to securely browse your website. When they submit information to you either through contact forms or order forms their information is protected (encrypted) between your website and the processing server.

This helps to ensure that data is not stolen during the transaction. This is becoming more and more important online in today’s world because theft of information is on the rise, and as a business, it is important that you do everything within your power to ensure that information given to you is safe and secure.

SSL’s and Search Rankings
Although this used to be a myth, recently Google has announced that they would take a website that has a valid SSL certificate installed into consideration when placing the website within its listings. Having a valid SSL can assist with placing your website higher than one that does not. That being said, there are many different aspects such as relevancy and authenticity of a websites content that will also be factored into search engine placement.

Having a trustworthy website with a great reputation will help maximize your chances of first page placement in all search engines. The key is having content that is original, a website that is secure and being one that people would feel safe visiting.

Payments and SSL’s
No matter what, if you collect financial data, personal information or anything else that could be used for fraudulent actions it is your duty to protect it. One of the basic steps and actions to do this is to have a valid SSL certificate installed. This will help to protect the in transit information between your website and the payment processor.

Costs of SSLs
Usually an SSL certificate will run you anywhere from $100-$300 per year, depending on the type of SSL and how long you register it for. There are a variety of SSL certificate types, which you do need to consider when investing in one. Some protect only one domain name, some protect one domain and any sub domains, and others protect multiple domain names. Some simply confirm the identity of a single website while others confirm the business itself as well as the website.

How do I get an SSL certificate?
Providers such as Verisign and GoDaddy sell SSL certificates through their websites, some hosting companies will also issue free SSL certificates when you sign up for their hosting services. We usually recommend sticking with a company that you know and trust, such as your website hosting company, this will allow you to easily contact support and have them diagnose and fix any issues with the certificate.

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