The Difference Between A Domain and Subdomain

Do you know what the difference between a domain and subdomain is? A lot of people have heard both of these terms, however, one of the most common questions we here is what is a subdomain, and why would I use one?

Your Domain Name
You know what a domain name is, this is your website address, the www.yourcompany.com one, and this allows people to easily get to your website through common English rather than typing your direct server address within their web browsers such as

Your domain is something that you need to register, associate with your business and use for your website. But what is a subdomain?

A Subdomain
A subdomain is simply another folder on your hosting account that is another location for a different website to live under your domain, an example of a subdomain would you members.yourcompany.com members being the subdomain. When people type this address they are brought to a different website then your main website at yourdomain.com.
A subdomain is mainly used to separate websites, create multiple websites under one domain, or host different web applications without the need to register for multiple domain names themselves.

Uses for a subdomain
Some of the common uses we have used subdomains for here at DrakeCo are things like online web applications, web based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems and course or membership portals to host courseware outside of the regular website.
Subdomains allow the main website to not have the pressure of hosting these applications, or processing the login requests of the underlying applications. It also helps from an organizational prospective to keep your courseware and course pages separate from your main pages for easier management of the website.

Other uses could be companies that operate in multiple regions, if they had a branch location for each country they operate in, they may have subdomains like ca.yourcompany.com or us.yourcompany.com.

A subdomain has many possibilities and uses, but the main reason for it is to avoid having to purchase and manage multiple domain names for a single company.

Whether it’s picking the perfect domain name to go along with your online strategy, or finding a use for a subdomain DrakeCo can help. Book a call with DrakeCo today to learn more about domain names and how they can help your business today.


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