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What are Online Business Solutions?

Ever wonder what the back end of an online business is? It means keeping your business organized and managed so you can focus on what matters; being the rock star at what you do!

DrakeCo can help with a variety of online business solutions, here are just a few:

Assisting and Management

Need some help with managing appointments, keeping your inbox clear of clutter or just general office tasks within your online business? DrakeCo can help! We offer the perfect solution to keep your online office running smoothly and efficiently.
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Content Creation

Content is what sells your business, whether it’s a second set of eyes to review spelling and grammar, or the creation of e-mails and blog posts for your next launch, DrakeCo can help.
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E-mail Marketing

Keeping in touch with your audience is important, but with the growing struggles of reaching your audience online through social channels there is one sure way your business can get its message heard. Email Marketing is a great way to stay in touch with your audience. DrakeCo has been helping businesses with the setup, implementation and creation of e-mail marketing systems and strategies.
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Online Event Management

Hosting an online webinar, event or get together? If so, DrakeCo can help manage all of the working pieces that go along with it. There are many e-mails, social media announcements and promotions that all come into play with getting the word out there, but there is also moderation and Q&A during the live event. DrakeCo can help with all these aspects and more.
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Social Media Management

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter; who can keep up with all of the requirements, specifications and algorithms that come along with these major networks. The world is driven by social media, and if your business isn’t there, it won’t be seen. It’s not just as easy as posting once a day and gaining sales, you need the right strategy to go along with it. DrakeCo can help form, implement and reuse your strategy to drive sales and engagement within your following.
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Our Approach

We determine your needs as a business

We work directly with you; to learn about your business, what you want to achieve and everything you have to offer as the expert in your industry. All businesses are different, even those from the same industry. We don’t base our solutions off of “common industry needs” but off of your individual needs, because we understand that not all businesses run the same way.


We plan the perfect solution

Taking in all of what we learned about you and your business, we strategize as a team to determine the perfect solution(s) for your business; we offer alternatives and work closely with you to decide if this is a great fit. Including you is vital in this process, because in the end, you make the final call on what your business does.

We implement the core solutions

After finding the perfect match, DrakeCo implements what we have set forth, taking each piece, branding it to your business and implementing it to its fullest. We watch and monitor the progress, and adjust it as needed; still working very closely with you to make sure everything is going as expected.

Together we celebrate your success!

This is the part we love the most, and we know you will to. We get on a call, look over the results, and “virtually” cheer on your success. It doesn’t stop here, we continue this simple process month after month, watching your business grow and maximize its reach online.

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We Have Helped

DrakeCo worked along side of the Space Reclaimers to help develop their new website when first starting out. This soon lead to their updated new website redesign project, as well social media management, e-mail marketing and graphic design
Lisa Marie Accounting, LLC, client of DrakeCo, we have helped Lisa with many aspects of her business including simplifying her email marketing system and strategy, website redesign and overhaul, on-going technical support as well as creation of web content and e-mails to keep her audience engaged.
DrakeCo has provided on going website support as well as a recent website redesign with Pacific CBT
DrakeCo first started with Sassy Evolution to assist with the re-design of their new membership based course portal and to enhance and simplify their OntraPort CRM. From there this lead to the redesign of their new homepage, Pinterest management, other social media management and so much more.

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