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Chris and Kim Drake, co-owners of DrakeCo with their two girls Delainey and Kylee

DrakeCo is…

Your Online Business Partner

We aren’t just a company that you hire, we are your friend and business partner to walk beside you on your venture into online business. We advise you on trusted and proven solutions to maximize your return.
We work with you to maintain an on-going partnership to expand and grow your business.

Simplifying the “Tech”

With online business there is a lot of “tech” that can be overwhelming and confusing. DrakeCo is a company that simplifies the “tech.” Our solutions build working systems and pieces vital to online business survival; but are manageable by you as a business owner. We believe you need to know how to work the pieces that make your business shine.

Our Mission

We are your partners in online business, not just your contractors. Your business success is our celebration, our accomplishment and most importantly our goal.

DrakeCo strives to work with you and your business to maximize its return in investment online, designing the ideal strategies to maximize reach within your market. We strive to work with clients on a long-term basis to continue to advance and simplify their online business.

About #teamDrakeCo

Chris Drake - Co-owner and CEO of DrakeCo, implements and manages the technical solutions of DrakeCo, he is the founder of DrakeCo specializing in web and graphic design, online advertising, systems automation and simplifying technology for all of our clients.

Hey, I’m Chris!

Hardcore code junky, the tech behind DrakeCo and father of three beautiful girls.

I’m the designer and developer of complex custom websites, applications and pulling strategies together to maximize reach for your business.

Using the latest trends and technologies I build online solutions both web and marketing based for our clients. Some of my top specializations are:

Web Design and Development

Custom Web Applications

Analytics and Search Optimization

Web Performance and Security Optimization

Online Advertising

I am on a mission to take the complexity out of online business, so I started DrakeCo, a company that simplifies online business. I’d love to hear from you, feel free to reach out. Let’s partner in making the online world beautiful and simple.

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Kim Drake, Co-owner and CEO of DrakeCo, specializes in all things online business. Whether you are looking to create beautiful blogs, increase engagement and following on social media, or simply organize your business and life. Kim and the online solutions team can help your business maximize it's online presence.

Hey! I’m Kim!

Virtual Solutions Specialist, mom, lover of chocolate and all things creative!

I have three beautiful daughters who keep me on my toes and inspire me to live a life I love.

Since I was probably 12 years old, I remember going to my mom’s work with her and helping her organize and complete filing. It gave me a thrill! Who knew that thrill would someday turn into my very own business.

I LOVE helping others run their business. I love doing the tasks that most people over look or even worse hate doing. Not me! Let me help you organize your business, write emails, connect with clients, create graphics, help grow your social media presence and much, much more!

I cannot wait to get to know you and your business and help you make the most out of your time!! Together we will make your business GROW!

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